Pure adrenaline and untraveled deep snow in a beautiful, pristine area - Who would not dream of this? We take you into the freeride areas of Ötztal and show you the beauty of freeriding on safe runs. With a skilled ski guide and the appropriate equipment you will certainly be able enjoy this feeling.

The combination of hiking and using lifts when freeriding offers a unique experience. Thanks to the well-developed skiing areas at Ötztal you can reach fantastic, unspoiled deep-snow regions after only a short ascent. Descents of up to 2 000 metres difference in altitude through untouched powder snow, wide glaciers and high alpine terrain guarantee pure skiing pleasure.

When skiing off-piste in total freedom und breath-taking nature you gain great pleasure from adapting your turns to the terrain. Our guides will constantly be looking for the best descents and pick runs that you will be able to handle in a confident and smooth way.

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