The Ötztal Valley, located in the center of Tyrol, is internationally known for hiking and winter sports. Its position in the heart of the impressive alpine region attracts sports enthusiasts throughout the whole year.

Hiking is very popular in summer as well as in the winter season because everyone can discover the stunning panoramic views of the mountains, forests, lakes and rivers at their own pace.

However, there is another possibility to experience the awe-inspiring mountain streams: canyoning in the Ötztal Valley. Deep gorges, massive waterfalls, steep rock faces and a variety of caves - this is canyoning in the Ötztal. Canyoning is probably one of the biggest sports challenges in the region.

With a certified guide and special equipment you start your out-of-the-ordinary adventure. No matter if you slide, climb, swim, abseil down or jump 10 meters into the cold water - the tour offers fun experiences for everyone. Canyoning is definitely a team sport, where everybody helps each other.

The activity promotes team spirit and bonding and it will turn your journey at the Ötztal Valley into an unforgettable adventure. Whether you are in the Auerklamm or the Alpenrosenklamm - canyoning is great fun for everyone and it will make your vacation an absolute highlight.

This is an absolute MUST for outdoor adventurers: canyoning makes a superb blend of hiking, climbing and abseiling down through rushing waterfalls – into almost unknown ravines. Professionally equipped and certified canyoning guides let you feel every fiber of your muscles although you wear a neoprene suit. The splendid Ötztal boasts an infinite number of ravines, waterfalls and mountain brooks just perfect to get in close touch with the wet element, even by jumping from incredible heights down into seemingly endless gorges. Also absolute beginners fond of new challenges can try canyoning if they are surefooted and not afraid of water. Once having enlisted one of our "adventure mountain guides", daredevils enjoy the most fabulous tours of Ötztal's ravines and gorges.

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